Eaton Hydraulic Motor

New Hydraulic Motor 109-1106-006 For Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series Device Replace

New Hydraulic Motor 109-1106-006 For Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series Device Replace

New Hydraulic Motor 109-1106-006 For Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series Device Replace

Our hydraulic motor is made of high-quality cast iron, and rubber, and adopts painting and quenching processes, laying the foundation for your long-term use. High accuracy and good performance can provide you with more convenience. With it, you will have a good helper. Build to Last: Cast iron, rubber, quenching, and painting processes make the whole product.

And not easy to rust, so it can keep beautiful and practical for a long time. High Accuracy: The combination of the oil distribution plate, stator and rotor pairs, and output shaft ensures the high accuracy of the product and provides more convenience for your use. Good Sealing Performance: The rubber sealing ring can effectively prevent oil leakage, not only ensuring a smooth use process but also saving you cost.

Careful Design: The high-quality bearings make the product have a strong radial force and high-pressure. So you can use it safely. Powerful Function: As an executive component of the hydraulic system, the motor can effectively convert the liquid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft, thus providing sufficient energy.

Simple Installation and Use: Simple structure and quick start design ensure that you can complete the installation and start using it in a short time. The motor can be used in series or in parallel, with high-cost performance. Ideal Gift: With good performance, this product can be used as a gift for family, friends, and lovers to make their work easier.

Cleaning: The smooth surface and simple structure allow you to easily remove dust and residues with a towel and water. Round Corners: Compared with traditional square corners, an arc design can better care for your skin.

Base: The base with four support legs can effectively maintain stability during the process. This item has a wide range of applications, such as industrial, logistics, agricultural, refitting, and other scenarios. Surface Treatment: Painting and Quenching. Port Size: 1 1/16-12inch 0-ring Staggered. Net Weight: 19.3kg/42.55lbs.

Package Size: 372018cm/14.577.877.09inch. Overall Size: 12.913.631.9cm/5.15.412.6inch. We recommend that the normal operating oil temperature is 2060? , and the maximum system operating temperature is 90? (not more than one hour).

The kinematic viscosity of the oil at 40°C/104? The hydraulic oil can be selected according to the actual working and ambient temperature. We recommend that the filter precision be 10-30 microns.

It is better to add a magnetic block at the bottom of the oil tank to prevent metal chips from entering the system. The solid pollution level of working oil shall not be higher than 19/16. The motor can be used in series or parallel. When the back pressure exceeds 10MPA (the rotating speed is lower than 200RPM), the external drain port must be used for pressure relief.

It is better to connect the external drain port directly to the oil tank. In order to make the motor have a long service life, the best working condition of the motor should be 1/3-2/3 of the rated working condition. When loading the motor, it should be operated at 30% of the rated pressure for about 1 hour. In any case, before loading the motor, ensure that the motor is filled with oil. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

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If it's non-workdays, please kindly be patient and wait till Monday. 12.913.631.9cm/5.15.412.6inch.
New Hydraulic Motor 109-1106-006 For Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series Device Replace